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Oral Appliances can now successfully treat snoring and sleep apnea when provided by a properly trained and experienced dentist.

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The quality of your life and your health is being adversely affected by your snoring and sleep apnea. Now there is an effective way to control snoring and sleep apnea without resorting to cumbersome CPAP devices. A small device, similar to an orthodontic retainer, can be an effective alternative to CPAP machines and in most cases, serve as the first choice for treatment of mild to moderate sleep apnea.


The oral appliance is custom-made and fits easily in your mouth. The appliance is comfortable and most patients sleep easily the first night or two. It functions by comfortably repositioning the lower jaw forward during sleep to prevent the collapse of breathing passages. In this way, snoring is eliminated or reduced and sleep apnea is well-managed in most cases. Sleep is normalized and daytime sleepiness/fatigue diminish.

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Therapy with oral appliances has been shown to be effective in managing snoring and sleep apnea by over 20 years of published scientific research.

Insurance Coverage

When proper medical protocol is followed, most insurance companies will cover the vast majority of the cost. Dr. Rogers is an in-network participating provider with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, UPMC Health Plan and most other insurance companies.

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