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Are You Looking For a Sleep Apnea Treatment?
If you’re located in or near the Pittsburgh area, you’re in luck! There just so happens to be an experienced and highly qualified team of sleep medicine dentists in four areas in and around the Pittsburgh region.

Pittsburgh Dental Sleep Medicine (PDSM) was created by Dr. Robert Rogers, a pioneer in dental sleep medicine. He was founding president of the Sleep Disorders Dental Society, which is now known as the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM). The AADSM was the first ‘national professional society dedicated exclusively to the practice of dental sleep medicine.’ It now has over 3,000 members.

Dr. Rogers has been treating sleep apnea in the Tristate area for over 25 years. He started the Pittsburgh Dental Sleep Medicine Network and now treats sleep apnea out of the main office in Wexford, PA, while also traveling all over the United States giving lectures on sleep apnea and oral appliance therapy. Most recently, he patented a multi design appliance that is used at all PDSM locations. He works with 3 other dentists in the Pittsburgh area who he personally trained in the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Dr. Michael Fazzini, DDS, DABDSM, FAGD, Dr. Christopher Mascio, DMD, and Dana Mascio, DMD.

The Pittsburgh Dental Sleep Medicine Network treats obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) with oral appliances. Oftentimes, oral appliance therapy is a treatment option for OSA sufferers who cannot tolerate cumbersome continuous positive airway pressure CPAP treatment. Oral appliances fit in the mouth like a sports mouth guard, and are custom made. They support the jaw and open the pharynx to keep the airway open during sleep. (Learn more about oral appliances here)


The Pittsburgh Dental Sleep Medicine Network has 4 locations in the Pittsburgh area including Wexford, Downtown Pittsburgh, Monroeville and Burgettstown. Make an appointment at any of our locations by calling 724-935-6670.

Learn more about oral appliance therapy at Pittsburgh Dental Sleep Medicine by reading the following articles:

The Rogers’ are Featured in Sleep Review Magazine!

Sleep Review Magazine May 2016

We are excited to announce that we are currently featured in the May 2016 issue of Sleep Review Magazine! Learn the story of Rob Rogers, DMD, DABDSM, and Mary Beth Rogers, a ‘dream team’ in this well written article that reviews the couple’s major contribution to the world of sleep medicine and oral appliances. Within it, learn the origins of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM), the hurdles of oral appliances the Rogers’ have overcome, and their ongoing role in the sleep medicine industry. The article starts with a glimpse into the early days of sleep medicine and how it peaked the Rogers’ interest:

“When Rob Rogers, DMD, DABDSM, graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine and launched his dental practice, now the Pittsburgh Dental Sleep Medicine Network, the field of dental sleep medicine did not exist. Sleep medicine itself was still a relatively young science. And when Mary Beth Davis (now, Mary Beth Rogers), vice president and director of administrative services for the Pittsburgh Dental Sleep Medicine Network, graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelors of Science in education, the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM) did not exist. Indeed, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) had just been founded the year before in 1975. But the winds of change could be heard—including in the childhood home of Mary Beth.”

Dr. Rogers and Marybeth Rogers of Pittsburgh Dental Sleep Medicine

Delve further into the new era of sleep medicine and see how the Rogers’ helped position oral appliances as an appropriate first-line treatment for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) by reading the full Sleep Review Magazine article, “A Dream Team: Rob Rogers, DMD, DABDSM, and Mary Beth Rogers” on the Sleep Review website.

Did you learn something new about the Rogers, or the AADSM from reading this article? Be sure to leave us a comment below to let us know what you think or what you learned.

What to Expect at Oral Appliance Consultation

Do You Know What to Expect at an Oral Appliance Consultation? Learn about how we listen to our patients and learn about their sleep concerns and issues, and then help them learn more about sleep apnea, and the options available to them at Pittsburgh Dental Sleep Medicine. Here’s a sneak peek at how our practice consults with potential patients.

Pittsburgh Dental Sleep Medicine Wexford Office Photograph

Wexford location offices

Most individuals who come to our office have already determined that they suffer from sleep apnea, and have obtained an evaluation by their physician which states their formal diagnosis based on a medical sleep study.

*Note: If you have not taken this step, speak to your physician and request a sleep study  to test for sleep apnea. After you have a sleep evaluation from your doctor, then you can schedule an oral appliance consultation at one of our network locations. Our office is in Wexford. We also participate with most insurance plans. Call 724.935.6670 to schedule an appointment.

Pittsburgh Dental Sleep Medicine Wexford Office Location Photograph

Wexford location reception area

Once you arrive at our office, you are greeted by one of our office receptionists. Here you will fill out any forms you haven’t filled out already. All patient forms are available on our website in case you wish to fill them out prior to your appointment. We value your time and therefore don’t have a waiting room. We simply have a reception area, where you will sign in and then be received very shortly afterwards.

Pittsburgh Dental Sleep Medicine office consultation room photograph

Wexford location consultation room

After that, one of our medical professionals will escort you to our Oral Appliance Consultation Room. Here, you will sit down with Dr. Rogers, and then we will show you a short film we developed to help share our treatment options and provide a quick overview of sleep apnea. After having watched the video,  Dr. Rogers will answer any questions you may have, discuss your sleep apnea condition, review your medical status, and then share information about the advantages, limitations and risks of oral appliance therapy. Dr. Rogers will tell you about the various appliances we have available and how the process works here at Pittsburgh Dental Sleep Medicine.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 11.49.32 AM

Then, you will go down the hall, where we take an x-ray of your teeth and jaw joint. We will thoroughly exam your teeth, jaw joint, and bite. We will take impressions of your teeth, and take a photograph of your bite to help create your unique oral appliance.

After your teeth, jaw joint, and bite are thoroughly recorded, your first appointment with the Pittsburgh Dental Sleep Medicine is complete. We will then schedule your second session. In total, you will visit us three times to complete your first oral appliance therapy session. The first appointment is for learning about our options and you. The second appointment is when you will receive your oral appliance and we will custom fit the oral appliance for you. During your second visit is also when you will learn how to use and care for your new oral appliance.

We then schedule your third appointment about 4 weeks after you receive your new ora
appliance. This third appointment is a follow-up visit so we can monitor the effects of the appliance, and make any necessary adjustments to ensure your comfort and the effectiveness of the Pittsburgh Dental Sleep Medicine Officedevice.

Our main priority at Pittsburgh Dental Sleep Medicine is to help you live better by providing effective options to treat sleep apnea. We pride ourselves on our experience in practicing sleep medicine, and our unwavering commitment to our patients health above all.
To learn more about the accomplished sleep doctors in our network, visit our About Us page. Thank you for your interest in the PDSM practice. If you are individual seeking a viable solution for your sleep apnea, you have come to the right place


Big News from the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine

A huge congratulations to Pittsburgh Dental Sleep Medicine’s very own, Dr. Michael Fazzini who very recently passed the Dental Sleep Medicine Board Certification Written Exam! What a major feat and outstanding achievement.

To become Board Certified, one must fulfill all of the following requirements from the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine:

  • Licensed dentist
  • Completed at least 50 hours of continuing education in dental sleep medicine or sleep medicine
  • Recommended by at least two board-certified sleep physicians
  • Observed at least 10 hours of operations at an accredited sleep center with sleep medicine medical staff
  • Passed a rigorous written examination demonstrating competency in dental sleep medicine
  • Demonstrated competency in all phases of oral appliance therapy by presenting actual patient cases to a board of dental sleep medicine peers

We are all incredibly proud of Dr. Fazzini for his hard work and dedication to dental sleep medicine. Dr. Fazzini was kind enough to answer a few questions about himself, his interest in dental sleep medicine, and the what it took to get him where he is today, so close to becoming a diplomat of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine. Now that he has passed his exam, he has overcome the major hurdle in becoming qualified. Once the board approves Dr. Fazzini’s cases, he will have fully completed the process to becoming Board Certified in Dental Sleep Medicine. Learn more about Dr. Fazzini and get a glimpse of his sincerity, compassion, and ongoing capacity to learn through his comments below.

Dr. Michael Fazzini

1.) Why are you interested in Dental Sleep Medicine?

I became interested four years ago when my friend, Dr. Rob Rogers, asked me if I would like to shadow him a few days in his office. Rob had been treating sleep disorders exclusively in his practice for some years at that time. He told me then that he was interested in putting together a network of highly trained dentists who could offer care for people with sleep apnea and primary snoring. He thought I might be a good candidate to be one of those dentists. I was touched and honored by his confidence in me, enjoyed being a part of the difference his treatment made for others so I decided to give it a go.

2.) When did you become interested in Dental Sleep Medicine?

When I started I really knew very little but through his mentorship, training that took place at venues all over the country and a good deal of self study I became educated about sleep and the different ways sleep disorders are managed by physicians and dentists.

3.) Why was becoming Board Certified for Dental Sleep Medicine a goal of yours?

Very early on. Rob always intended that his associates would be recognized as leaders in the field. Becoming a diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine is the most widely recognized means within the medical and dental communities to communicate the idea, “this person has attained an exceptional level of knowledge, understanding and clinical skill to treat sleep disorders.”

4.) Why do you focus on Oral Appliances versus other treatment options like CPAP?

My focus is on oral appliance therapy because I am a dentist, it’s what we do. That being said, I have an appreciation for and good knowledge of the other forms of treatment for sleep apnea that are in common use today including CPAP. A broad understanding of what oral appliances can and cannot do is key in successful patient care. Not everyone who comes to us for treatment is a candidate for oral appliance therapy so knowing how to go forward with people when that is the case is also part of my training.

5.) Why do you like being a part of a network of Dental Sleep Medicine Practitioners?

For me professionally it provides a network of colleagues who are a reservoir of knowledge and clinical experience. We share successes and trials with each other regularly and benefit tremendously from the cumulative wisdom of the group. By extension our patients are the beneficiaries of these interactions.

6.) Briefly explain the process of becoming Board Certified.

 Becoming a diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine is a multi year process. It involves passing a multilayered challenge.

The first is documenting 15 cases that I have treated in the most comprehensive way, as specified by the Board, and presenting them as a portfolio to be judged. If this sounds easy, believe me when I tell you, it is not. The degree of detail required by the Board far exceeds everyday norms and demands special attention be paid to every part of the process. It is very demanding in its detail and scope. I am working on completing this phase and expect to be done with it by January 1, 2016.

The second requirement is passing a four hour exam testing the individual on all areas of sleep medicine, sleep disorders, pharmacology and treatment modalities. That is the exam I recently passed. Studying for the exam was about a 1-year process that happened in the evenings when I was done with my clinical practice. It was a grind but a necessary piece of putting together the whole package required to become a diplomate.

The final challenge is completing over 50 hours of specialized classroom work and spending many hours in sleep labs monitoring sleeping patients in order to become familiar with sleep testing and how they are used and graded.

 7.) How do you plan on continuing your education as a Board-Certified in Dental Sleep Medicine Doctor?

I am not quite complete yet but I can see the finish line. In the near term my efforts are being directed toward the successful completion of my portfolio. Going forward I will continue to pursue my education related to sleep disorders and work on being well informed as to the continuing improvements in treatments available to patients.

 8.) What do you look forward to in the future in regard to putting your certification and new education to use?

The whole purpose behind the training and the work is to be able to apply my knowledge to helping people suffering from sleep disorders. It has been very gratifying to know that there are people living more productive and happy lives because of what I do. It’s what gets me out of bed every morning looking forward to my day.

Inspire Therapy, the New Treatment for Sleep Apnea in Pittsburgh

Inspire Therapy is the first implanted sleep apnea treatment of its kind. Read the introductory Inspire Therapy blog post that introduces and explains how the treatment option works in the previous blog post, Treating Sleep Apnea is Now As Easy As Using a Remote Control. Inspire Therapy is an implanted device that works similar to a pacemaker, but the device is connected to the nerve that activates the tongue and rib cage muscles to monitor breathing patterns, instead of the heart.

Dr. Ryan Soose, Director, UPMC Division of Sleep Surgery and Assistant Professor, UPMC Department of Otolaryngology, is currently the only Doctor in the Pittsburgh area implanting Inspire Therapy. Watch the video below of Dr. Soose as he describes how Inspire Therapy works.

Every case of sleep apnea is different. Therefore treating sleep apnea differs per the individual case. Inspire Therapy is an option for patients who, as Dr. Soose explains in the video, “[Inspire Therapy is] for those patients who have been unable to achieve success with most of the other medical and surgical options.”

So what is the process of becoming an applicant for Inspire Therapy? We can look at this from two perspectives; from a potential sleep apnea sufferer, to a person who has already been diagnosed with sleep apnea.

Potential Sleep Apnea Sufferer:
1. Speak with your physician. Voice your concerns, side effects, and why you think you should get checked for sleep apnea. Then your physician will recommend you to get a sleep study.
2. Complete a sleep study. After which your results will be reviewed. Dependent on your Apnea-Hypopnea Index (AHI), you will be recommended to try either Continous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) if you have an AHI over 15, or Oral Appliance Therapy if you have an AHI below 15.
Current Sleep Apnea Sufferer:
3. If after trying most medical and surgical options for sleep apnea are unsuccessful, then Inspire Therapy is an option to consider. If you believe you are at this point, reach out the Division of Sleep Surgery of UPMC and explain your interest and situation.

In a small percentage of patients, Inspire Therapy is used in conjunction with oral appliances. When both therapies are used together, it is most often for those who suffer from severe sleep apnea, who cannot tolerate CPAP. Together, the two therapies jointly lower the AHI to an acceptable level without use of a mask.

Dr. Soose performs the two hour long procedure at Mercy Hospital. This is the ideal location for the Pittsburgh area because UPMC Mercy Hospital accepts both Highmark and UPMC patients, as well as Cigna, Aetna, US Healthcare, Medicare, and VA patients.

Go to the Inspire Therapy Website to learn more about this innovative new technology that is taking off in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

If you are a medical professional in the Pittsburgh Area, You are invited to an educational event to learn about Inspire Upper Airway Stimulation Therapy. Dr. Ryan J. Soose, MD, and Dr. Robert R. Rogers, DMD, DABDSM leading sleep therapy professionals, will be hosting the upcoming educational event.

Inspire Upper Stimulation Therapy Event Invitation for Pittsburgh Medical Professionals

Here’s to a Healthy New Year Resolution with Help from the New Sleep Store, REMworks

With the New Year comes lots of new things, including new resolutions. A common new years resolution is to ‘Enjoy Life More’,  as cited by this Pittsburgh About article, Top 10 New Year’s Resolution’s. So what does ‘Enjoy Life More’ really mean? How do you go about doing that? Well, there are the obvious ideas: travel more, do more fun things, get a new hobby, etc. And then there’s the healthy aspect of enjoying life… A healthier you leads to a happier, more fulfilling you. So if you were to make your New Years Resolution to: ‘Be a Happier, Healthier You,’ how would you do that?

A healthier, happier you starts with changing your attitude. You can be healthier and happier by creating a new can do outlook. Get active by starting new hobbies, exercising, eating better foods, thinking positive thoughts, and lastly, putting your body in a better routine.

Putting your body in a healthy routine involves being active, and eating healthier, as stated above, but one incredibly important aspect you might forget is your health in relation to your sleep schedule. If you aren’t getting the proper amount of sleep each night, your body, your health, and ultimately your happiest will all be affected.

Luckily for you, with the New Year, comes a fantastic new sleep store in the Pittsburgh area. REMworks Sleep Store is a sleep store that helps those with sleep issues figure out which sleep solution is best for them. A visit to this sleep store can help you pave the way towards your new years resolution, and get you on the road to becoming a healthier, happier you.

One of the many options at REMworks is Pittsburgh Dental Sleep Medicine’s  Oral Appliances. Oral appliances help those suffering from sleep apnea get a better quality of sleep. You may not think you have sleep apnea, but the thing about the disorder is that most of those who suffer from it are not aware they have it. That’s the good news about REMworks. They can help you to figure out what is causing your sleep problems, even if you have no idea what that might be. If you feel tired often, snore, or can’t fall asleep, stop in REMworks. Learn about their options, and start paving the way towards being a healthier, happier you.

Pittsburgh Dental Sleep Medicine’s Dr. Rogers and REMworks Sleep Coach Stacey Sweeney, discussing the many options at REMworks Sleep Store.

A Sneak Peek of REMworks before the Grand Opening Tomorrow

REMworks is the Never Before Seen Sleep Store

REMworks store signage homestead, pa

REMworks is a unique new sleep solutions store located at the Waterfront in Homestead, Pa. It offers a range of services and treatment options for those who suffer from various sleep issues. What makes REMworks so unique? Amy Phillips, director of REMworks Sleep Store explains it as, “A sleep store unlike anything that’s currently in the market. In a relaxing, comfortable retail environment, REMworks offers products to address various sleep problems and provide education about treatment options to help people get the sleep they need.”  The store carries products helping people who suffer from sleeplessness, snoring, insomnia, Restless Leg Syndrome, circadian rhythm problems, teeth grinding, sleep terrors, sleep walking, and sleep apnea.

Last night, the store held its soft opening, where dentists and sleep specialists came to get the first glimpse of exactly what the store had to offer.

Pittsburgh Dental Sleep Medicine Network

The Pittsburgh Dental Sleep Medicine Network at the REMworks soft opening. Left to Right: Dr. Christopher and Dr. Dana Mascio, Dr. Robert Rogers, and Dr. Michael Fazzini

At first glance, the store appears to be a simple retail store. There are various sleep solution products arranged by type. There is a section for babies and children stocked with sleep sacks and tranquility machines. There is a section for snoring, and another for aromatherapy that carries sleep therapy machines and CD’s. There are also light therapy products, sleepy time teas with a tea bar to try before you buy, all kinds of orthopedic pillows, and natural snoring solutions. As you move further back, you walk into more clinical sleep solutions for sleep apnea, like CPAP machines and Oral Appliances. There are over 15 different CPAP masks to try, and also information on Pittsburgh Dental Sleep Medicine for oral appliances.

Sleep Coach at REMworks sleep store

Sleep Coach Stacey Sweeney in a REMworks sleep station.

At the back of the store, there are sleep stations. That is where sleep coaches, like Stacey Sweeney can create individualized sleep plans and find out the best solution for you. For individuals who have been tested by their doctor and determined to suffer from sleep apnea, Ms. Sweeney can fit individuals for CPAP machines and discuss oral appliances. This allows the individual to try different types of solutions and determine which is best for them.  REMworks also accepts most health insurance for services provided at the store that are clinical in nature, such as CPAP machines.

REMworks is unique in how it creates a center of learning and options to the general public for something that we all need… good quality sleep. With both retail and clinical solutions, an informative atmosphere, and knowledgeable and friendly staff, REMworks is the first of its kind.

Highmark’s Business Innovation and Development department conceived REMworks, and it certainly is an innovative new business. The open house is tomorrow, Saturday December 13th, from 10AM – 2PM. Sleep coaches will be at the event, as well as WDVE’s Val Porter giving away prizes, and opportunities to enter other drawings.




California Dental Association Journal Chapter, February 2012 Article: Past, Present, and Future Use of Oral Appliance Therapies in Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders

Post is written By Dr. Rogers, D.M.D.


As a pioneer in the evolution of Dental Sleep Medicine, I had the privilege of authoring an article in the California Dental Association Journal titled Past, Present and Future Use of Oral Appliance Therapies in Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders. Calling on my past experience over the last 24 years, I outlined the humble beginnings of our now international organization, the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. I was able to chronicle the tenuous beginning of dental sleep medicine when it was not yet backed by scientific research and so was not supported by physicians or insurance carriers and was relatively unknown to the public. Today, our Academy boasts over 3000 members spanning over a dozen countries worldwide. More importantly, the published scientific literature firmly supports the effectiveness of oral appliances to treat snoring and obstructive sleep apnea and physicians are actively seeking dentists to help them treat their patients who are afflicted by this serious malady. In addition, most insurance companies cover the vast proportion of the cost of this therapy when delivered by a properly educated and trained sleep-disorders dentist.   Read the full article here: Past, Present, and Future Use of Oral Appliance Therapies in Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders 

PDSM Updates, Updates, Updates: revamping the office computer system, creating a new website, and expanding our network

Post is written By Dr. Rogers, D.M.D.


We have recently been very busy here at Pittsburgh Dental Sleep Medicine working behind the scenes to ensure state-of-the-art patient care. Over the past few months we have revamped our entire computer system allowing us greater ability to track patient outcomes and communicate with physicians to maximize the health of our patients. Protection of health information is critically important to us and we have a strong foundation to ensure HIPAA compliance. In addition, we have revised our website to be more informative and patient friendly. Information regarding snoring and obstructive sleep apnea and oral appliance therapy is presented in easy-to-understand terms. Information regarding all the dentists in our expanding Network is available for review and locations of our satellite offices is available. All of the associate dentists in our network have been personally trained by me and have made a firm commitment to making dental sleep medicine and important part of their practice. And each is well on the way to becoming board-certified in dental sleep medicine.